all maps are open for survival)

all maps are open for survival)

WG2021 (Mod: open all maps for survival) – A strategy based on the famous game – Stalker, in which you will need to become the leader of an entire group and conduct competent battles with other enemy clans. And only the player will decide how events will develop in War Groups on android, if you want to conquer territories, but multiply and liberate them.

You can join one of the many squads presented for free in the game, each of them is unique in terms of capabilities and style of passage, so that each time the story will develop in a new way. Explore the locations located in the Chernobyl Station Zone, find useful items, weapons and valuable artifacts.

Conduct business wisely, negotiate with other players, attack or declare a truce, beware of radiation and mutated animals. Also, do not forget to complete the planned tasks, for them you will receive valuable things, awards and money. In general, var groups for android can captivate for several hours, and the full version will delight the already open premium content.

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