AppValley is a worthy replacement for the Play Market

For a long time, users of Android devices are accustomed to downloading all software from the Play Market. According to Google itself, this is the safest and best source for downloading applications. But is it? Over time, analogues of the Play Market began to appear, and some of them bypassed the usual application store. Let’s figure out what AppValley is.



  1. What is AppValley
  2. How to install AppValley
  3. Installation problems
  4. What to download in AppValley
  5. Should I use this tool
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What is AppValley

For Android users, there have never been any restrictions on downloading software from unknown sources. IOS came opposite and you could download software only from their official store, where most of the applications were paid, but security was guaranteed.

It is logical that users of Android smartphones often downloaded from unreliable sources – virus software with Trojans, hacker plugins and other sores. In this regard, it became necessary to create a directory where users can easily install programs on their smartphones from one site, without wandering in search of software all over the Internet.

This is how AppValley was born. AppValey seems to be the perfect solution, but let’s not jump to conclusions. All software on the site is unofficially added. That is, the developers of the site are not aware of which products are placed on their catalog. By installing programs from this site, a person will not be sure that he will receive updates for the downloaded software and that it is safe and not fake.

All software on the site is free, there is only a premium subscription in which the cache will be automatically cleared and the download speed will increase. Subscription costs $ 25 per year.

Yes, on this site you can also find hacked versions without any restrictions, such applications as: Spotify No Ads, Instagram, Facebook, You Tube, etc. But you do not know what these modifications are and whether they will steal your data, etc.

How to install AppValley

  • Open in a browser website
  • Press the “install” button
  • We confirm the download and install the application on the smartphone
  • Open AppValley and download any software through it.
AppValley App Catalog

Installation problems

AppVelly is not compatible with all devices. Strange, but the platform only works on smartphones with Android version no higher than 9. If your phone does not meet this requirement, you can download the APK directly from site… This is less convenient than direct installation, but if you are looking for free versions of jailbroken applications, you can be patient.

To download software from the site, you need to go to the WebApp section.

What to download in AppValley

The functionality itself on the site does not work correctly and this is not strange, because the developers do not follow what is added to the catalog. If you want to find some utility on the site through a search, the platform may not produce the desired result or give out at all what you need, even if you specified the name correctly. Sometimes you have to search for everything manually. As an example, when you search for Spotify, you will find as many as 4 versions, all of them are unofficial, each of them is needed in case the previous one suddenly does not work. Such an interface is repulsive, but for that there is a lot of freebies.

There are all the hacks, modifications of popular applications / games. There is a lot of software here, the question is, are you ready to risk security?

Should I use this tool

No and no again. If you so badly want to dirty your device with all sorts of garbage and in addition get a “bunch” of viruses, hacker extensions, then AppValley is perfect. In addition, your data can also be stolen if you suddenly use online banking applications, passwords are easily counted, the phone book is also at risk, hacking your camera, reading correspondence – all this can fall upon you if you download software from this site.

If you really need a mod for some game (although, why do you need them), then it is better to download them from trusted sources, where people have already downloaded these mods. If you have an old phone and there is nothing important on it, you do not store personal information there, passwords, then you can download hacked applications – on it, then you can sacrifice security, since there is nothing to lose.

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