ATOM RPG apk download v.1.20.5 for android (Unlocked: Unlocked paid DLC content)

ATOM RPG (Unlocked: Paid Content Unlocked) – A stunning story-driven RPG that has been successfully ported to Android mobile devices. The game takes place in the 80s, somewhere on the territory of the Soviet Union, at a time when a nuclear war broke out between the USSR and the United States. As a result of nuclear bombings, almost the entire civilian population died, like all wildlife.

You are one of the lucky ones who managed to survive after the apocalypse. Now you have to survive in this complex open world, find non-radioactive territories, build your own shelter there, extract resources and useful items. To do this, carefully explore the game world, beware of various enemies, mutant animals and constantly monitor the development of your hero.

In addition, in ATOM RPG for android, you will perform exciting tasks that can be completed in different ways. Every decision you make directly affects the development of the plot, think before doing something or answering during dialogue with other characters. As you progress, you also need to prevent the bad guys from the world elite from destroying the remnants of humanity.

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