Bloody Bastards download apk v. for android (Mod: a lot of money)

Bloody Bastards (Mod: a lot of money) – Awesome medieval fighting game for android devices with very interesting combat mechanics, cool physics and pixel art graphics. Here you will have to fight the most interesting battles against your bastard brothers to become the champion and the most powerful warrior of that time.

In bloody bastards, you will conduct special, rather bloody battles with a variety of opponents, who will improve their technique and strikes every time. To be the winner all the time, you have to earn experience and a lot of money, for which you need to buy all kinds of weapons, shields and other uniforms in order to create thousands of deadly combinations.

Controlling your fighter at first glance will not be easy, the fact is that you have to use two fingers of your palm, each of which will be responsible for the hero’s hand. Thus, you will control each hand of the character separately. In addition, the game will have hundreds of pieces of equipment, thousands of exciting levels with different, difficult opponents on each, cool graphics and unforgettable gameplay.

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