Bloons Pop! download apk v.1.3 for android (Mod: a lot of money)

Bloons Pop! (Mod: a lot of money) – A bright and very addicting puzzle game in the world of bloons, where you have to help the fighting monkeys rebuild their destroyed house. The Monkey City was almost completely destroyed by colorful balls, your task will be to reduce the number of these balls as much as possible by solving puzzles and thus rebuilding the ruins.

The gameplay here is dynamic and interesting, at each level we will have a playing field with different arrangement of different colored balloons on it. Using the capabilities of your monkeys, you need to try to remove all the balls in a certain number of moves. Each hero has his own special skills and super techniques, if you apply them correctly, you can quickly achieve success.

There are a lot of levels divided into several locations, each time the difficulty will increase, so different amplifiers and mega-monkeys will come to your aid. For victories you will receive money and various animated objects that you need to use to restore eight districts of the destroyed Monkey City.

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