Blue light filter download apk v.4.03.1 for android (Premium)

Blue light filter download apk v.4.03.1 for android (Premium)

Night Mode: Blue Light Filter Premium – A useful application to fully protect your eyes and preserve your vision.

If you like to read at night or just actively use your phone at night, then you simply cannot do without this program. After all, she is able to apply special filters and turn on the night mode to preserve your health. In particular, your eyes suffer from overexertion, which leads to their fatigue, therefore, vision falls, your head starts to hurt and sleep is disturbed.

The program already provides special filters, you can choose one of them, and if suddenly they do not fit, then just edit them for yourself or even create your own unique one. In addition, the utility can change the brightness, change the temperature and color of the palette, turn on on a schedule, and so on. In addition, your gadget will be discharged much less due to lower power consumption.

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