Bus Simulator: Ultimate download apk v.1.5.3 for android (Mod: a lot of money

Bus Simulator: Ultimate download apk v.1.5.3 for android (Mod: unlimited money

Bus Simulator: Ultimate (Mod: unlimited money | built-in cache) – The most detailed and very realistic bus simulator where you have to create your own bus company, develop it and constantly transport passengers to their destination. First, give your new company a name, choose a logo and driver appearance, and then head out on your first route, respecting the traffic rules.

The gameplay in the bass simulator is very thoughtful, you need to perform exactly the same actions as in real life. Start the engine, engage the gear and follow to the stop, where you will pick up your first passengers. You need to open doors, luggage compartments, turn on the Internet in the cabin, distribute drinks and food to people, in general, do everything to make them happy and leave a positive review.

By completing tasks, you will receive money and increase the level of your business, gradually new routes, buses, locations and opportunities will open up. In total, more than fifteen different vehicles are available here, there is a change of time of day and weather conditions, real sounds and simple, customizable controls.

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