Caller ID and antispam download apk v. for android (full version)

Caller ID and antispam download apk v. for android (full version)

Kaspersky Who Calls Premium – A mega useful application for android phones that can automatically detect unknown numbers coming to you. Thus, you will know exactly who is calling you and whether it is worth picking up the phone. Thanks to the huge database of spam numbers, replenished by the users themselves, almost any incoming call will be identified.

Automatic caller ID from Kaspersky will display detailed information about the caller or missed call, including country, organization, category, reputation, and so on. In addition, the program will instantly warn you about calling fraudsters, and if necessary, it will immediately block the number in auto-mode, saving you from an unpleasant conversation.

If you receive unknown SMS messages containing links to third-party sites, then when you click on such links, you will receive a message about malicious content, if any. Before calling an unknown number, the user can punch it through the application base and if it turns out to be “rotten”, you will immediately receive information about it.

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