CarX Rally apk download v.15021 for android (Mod: all cars are open | a lot of money

CarX Rally (Mod: all cars open | a lot of money | built-in cache) – Realistic racing on steep tracks where you have to try your hand at rally competitions, winning thirty-five tournaments, driving different cars. There is a career mode with several difficulty levels and practice races, but the multiplayer is still under development.

But the car park is quite large, there you will find real cars for this kind of driving – from rally cars to muscle cars. Each vehicle is upgradeable, you can gradually improve the body, interior, injection and exhaust system, transmission, wheels, wheels and so on. Each increase in any of the parameters affects the behavior of the car, try to find your own unique option.

In Car X Rally, a huge emphasis is placed on the graphic part and physics, cars behave on the road as naturally as possible, the tracks are colorful and detailed. How exactly to drive his car is up to the player himself, here you can take sharp turns in a drift using rear-wheel drive, or with full grip, as in regular racing races.

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