Children of the Light apk download v.0.14.0 for android (Full)

Children of the Light apk download v.0.14.0 for android (Full)

Sky: Children of the Light – One of the most beautiful, exciting and interesting games for android devices, in which you have to go on a magical adventure. We will play for an unnamed hero, referred to in the game as the “spirit of light”. His task will be to roam the incredibly beautiful locations, find spirits and return the stars back home – to the constellations.

In total, the player will have to overcome seven fairy worlds, each of which will symbolize a certain celestial constellation. At each level you need to avoid obstacles, solve puzzles and avoid meeting unfriendly characters. Along the way, find souls and absorb them, they contribute to improving the cape that our person wears.

The higher the level of the cape, the more you will be able to accommodate “particles of light” – this “currency” will allow us to take off in order to actually collect stars. In the game Sky: Children of the Light for android, you cannot die, but if you fall sharply, fall under the attacks of opponents or plunge into water, you lose the levels of your cape, if all the levels disappear, the level will have to start over. You can play with other characters or with your friends, dividing tasks for everyone and watching their progress from the side.

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