CHUCHEL download apk v.2.0.24 for android (Full version

CHUCHEL download apk v.2.0.24 for android (Full version

CHUCHEL (Full version | built-in cache) – A comic, adventure game with a kind and very soulful gameplay, in which the player will have to help a furry pet named Scarecrow, looking for his favorite delicacy – a juicy cherry. The gameplay here is divided into numerous funny episodes that are completely unrelated to each other. The only thing that unites them is the puzzles, by solving which you will get that very cherry berry.

In almost every episode you will meet cute, completely non-logical-looking characters, some will help you in the passage, while others, on the contrary, will interfere in every possible way. The tasks themselves are quite interesting, it will not be difficult to solve them, but if you suddenly get stuck at some point, you can use the hint and go further.

The main feature of the game CHUCHEL for android are hilarious characters, in particular our main character. He reacts funny to everything that happens, laughs contagiously, sometimes gets angry and becomes extremely impulsive. All this looks incredibly cute and funny, I want to quickly pass the level and get to the next one in order to have mercy on them and laugh together.

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