Clash Royale apk download v.3.6.1 for android Private server (Mod: a lot of money)

Clash Royale apk download v.3.6.1 for android Private server (Mod: unlimited money)

Clash Royale Private Server (Mod: unlimited money) – Popular multiplayer game Clash Royale in real time where you have to attack the enemy base using familiar characters from Clash of Clans. Your task is to use your soldiers competently so that they go over to the side of the enemy and destroy two additional and one main tower, where the princesses and the king are located.

Battles last three minutes, the one who first destroys the king wins, and if this does not happen within the allotted time, then the player who destroyed the most protective buildings wins. There are a huge number of units here and each differs in a set of its characteristics and skills. One is large and has unlimited health, however, it is slow and does little damage, the second, on the contrary, attacks a lot, but is weak in health, etc.

Considering all these characteristics, you need to build the right strategy, for example, send healthy fighters forward so that he takes all the damage on himself, and place rapid-fire ones behind him. There are unlimited options, be guided by the actions of your opponent. For victories you will receive unlimited money and experience that you need to spend on improving your army.

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