Crazy Dino Park download apk v.2.0 for android (Mod: a lot of money)

Crazy Dino Park (Mod: a lot of money) – In this puzzle you have the opportunity to manage a park with dinosaurs, which you need to constantly improve, frustrate and get new reptiles. Do everything to make the animals comfortable, improve their places of stay, decorate the area so that people come and spend a lot of money walking in the park and admiring predators.

As we all know, dinosaurs died out long ago, but to this day their remains are stored in the bowels of the earth, so you should often send a team to the excavation to find the bones. Then, from the found parts, our crazy professor will be able to make a skeleton and subsequently resurrect the animal, which we will then settle in the park.

The search process is interesting, we have a playing field, you need to remove all the ground from it, after which you will see some particles from bones and stones. Some bones can be picked up immediately, while others must be freed from under the stones. To do this, use a pickaxe, but remember a lot of stones, and there are only three pickaxes, so think before breaking this or that cobblestone.

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