Day R Premium apk download v.1.689 for android (mod: free craft)

Day R Premium (Mod: Free Craft) – Simply amazing role playing game for android, made in text format, with different quests, in which the player will have to survive in terrible conditions, namely after a nuclear war. Day R Premium for Android takes place in the 80s, in the territories of the former Soviet Union.

As expected, after the apocalypse, complete chaos ensued on earth, there is practically no food and water, diseases are constantly tormented, many territories are contaminated with radiation, and various monsters who really want living human flesh are constantly roaming the dark streets. It is in this horror that you have to survive, for this you need to build your life from the very beginning, that is, acquire such resources that would help you to live on.

The most important thing is that the game Day R Premium for android has everything you need for this, you just need to search, collect and build. Perhaps the most important thing in the gameplay is to monitor the vital indicators of our virtual hero, of which there are quite a few. Keep track of nutrition, water level in the body, endurance level, just do not forget about illness, fatigue and stuff like that.

To survive competently, the player needs to carefully weigh all his decisions and act as carefully as possible, build a unique strategy and you will win. The game Day R Premium from the category of those that you simply cannot tear yourself away from, play for free, immersed in very cool gameplay with your head. You can download the full version or a mod with money below.

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