Dead Cells download apk v.2.4.7 for android (Mod menu)

Dead Cells (Mod menu) – An explosive action platformer with an exciting and dynamic gameplay where you control a test subject who, after an alchemical experiment, became a clot of cells with a mind. You have to get out of the castle filled with labyrinths with various dangers, enemies and secrets. To move, you need to take possession of the body of one of the killed prisoners and go on an adventure.

During the passage of the game, Grandfather Sels needs to explore rooms and dungeons, each time generated randomly, destroy enemies and collect numerous things with weapons. You can take with you two types of weapons, from axes, swords and to explosives, as well as 2 additional items that increase the hero’s capabilities. The characteristics of your equipment are also generated randomly and the effect of using them will be different.

When you defeat opponents, they drop out “cells” needed to buy unchanging bonuses, such as repeated use of an elixir to restore health, as well as super-weapons, although it still needs to be assembled according to the found blueprints. They are spent after passing the level and if you die, then the cells will also be reset. The passage of the game depends on you, you can stupidly rush forward and bring down everything that moves, or painstakingly explore all corners and find all the values.

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