DEAD TARGET: Zombie download apk v.4.61.0 for android (Mod: a lot of money)

DEAD TARGET: Zombie (Mod: a lot of money) – The ultimate first-person zombie survival shooter with superb graphics and truly amazing and addicting gameplay. Fight for your survival in a world ruled by mutating walking dead, grab a more powerful gun and go to fight enemies in the most frightening places in the world.

There are just a huge amount of weapons here, there are guns and barrels that are familiar to everyone, but they are special with unique characteristics. Complete more than six hundred scenarios in a single company, completing main and secondary tasks. For battles, you will receive in-game currency, which is useful for buying and improving equipment and weapons.

Your skills will also have to be constantly improved, because the enemies are becoming more cunning and stronger, and battles with huge bosses will require incredible accuracy and dexterity. In addition to the amazing gameplay, there is also gorgeous graphics, there is dynamic vegetation, the reflection of silhouettes in the water and improved behavior of all models.

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