Download Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps (Full / skins / Speedcams) for android

Download Navitel Navigator GPS & Maps (Full / skins / Speedcams) for android

Navitel is a paid-for satellite navigation application developed by the Center for Navigation Technologies. This program for Android has deservedly become one of the best navigators for Android in 2018. Navitel for Android is the most popular GPS navigation program for phones and tablets, which can work perfectly without an Internet connection, as well as on the weakest devices. Navitel maps for android are perhaps the most accurate and informative, on them, in addition to streets, houses and buildings, points of interest closest to you will be located, that is, those objects that may interest you, such as gas stations, shops, ATMs, restaurants, parks and much more …

Three-dimensional offline maps are developed for sixty-four countries of the world, including a map of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and so on. In terms of navigation, everything is in order here, you have the right to build any route you need, for this you just need to indicate the desired location and in a few moments the route will be built. Moreover, recently the application has learned to create alternative routes, they show the distance to the desired point, as well as the approximate time on the road, choose the route you need and go on the road.

While driving, the voice assistant will constantly advise you in the direction of movement, it will warn you when you need to change lanes, where to turn or turn around. Also, thanks to Navitel, you will learn about traffic jams, traffic accidents, find out where the traffic cameras are located, and the program will also warn you about violations, for example, it will start beeping if you exceed the permissible speed.

This GPS navigator can be used by both vehicle drivers and pedestrians, and the routes you need are built equally accurately both for cars and for people who want to cover distances on foot. Download Navitel for Android, as well as maps for it, you can follow the links below, carefully read the instructions for correct installation, and everything will work like clockwork for you.

Satellite maps for Android in 2018 are developed with the support of government agencies and are licensed. They are also analyzed and checked by experts in the geodetic and cartographic fields. As of 2018, detailed satellite maps have been created for the entire territory of the Russian Federation. In the Play Market, you can download the Navitel application for Android for free, but only a trial version of the program. To fully use satellite maps in 2018, you will have to pay. However, there is another way out. You can download the Navitel application for Android from our website.

You do not have to pay anything when downloading Navitel with us. This is a jailbroken version of the Android application, which is no different from the one sold in the Play Market. You just need to download the application and install it on your phone running on the Android operating system. After that, you can start using the satellite maps that are up-to-date in 2018 for navigation.

Navitel 2019 for Android has the following functionality:

• supports NMEA and Garmin protocols;
• supports OpenGL;
• works with tracks;
• you can download and change skins (shells that change the appearance of the program interface);
• you can customize the POI display filter;
• it is possible to download Speedcam databases;
• it is possible to customize the interface;
• supports 3D junctions;
• displays the lane of roads; calculates the route, taking into account the multi-lane traffic;
• displays the number of floors in structures marked on the map;
• it is possible to connect an information service with data on traffic jams;
• you can search for buildings by address or location on the map.

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