Drift Max Pro apk download v.2.4.73 for android (mod: free shopping

Drift Max Pro (Mod: Free Shopping | Built-in Cache) – If you love racing games for androidthen you will definitely enjoy this competition in the best rear wheel drive cars. The main task in drift max pro is to complete tasks, ride across colorful locations, while showing your drifting skills, which will be calculated by the points earned.

Between arrivals, be sure to visit the garage, where you can not only improve the parameters of an existing vehicle, but also customize the appearance by tuning it as you wish. New cars are also bought here. Paint the body in poisonous colors for free, apply cool stickers on the hood and doors, adjust the angle of inclination of the wheels, the color of the disks and calipers. In addition, you can adjust the height of the suspension and hang cool spoilers.

There are six different modes for driving, all of them are interesting and complex in their own way, but the essence is still the same, you need to skate competently and boldly enter sharp turns, melting the asphalt and your tires. The graphics are simply amazing, the car models are incredibly detailed, the tracks are perfectly drawn, and during the drift the cars behave as realistically as possible.

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