Drive Ahead!  download apk v.3.6.0 for android (Mod: no ads)

Drive Ahead! download apk v.3.6.0 for android (Mod: no ads)

Drive Ahead! (Mod: no ads) – An exciting arcade racing game that will give you unlimited fun and positive emotions. The main task here is to enter the arena, sitting behind the wheel of one of the many wheelbarrows, and then compete with the enemy in a closed location, trying to win by breaking the opponent’s head. You can play for free alone, but the most relish is to play with friends, the sea of ​​adrenaline will be provided to you.

The most important advantage in driving a head on an android is not a linear passage, that is, it is possible to win in a variety of sophisticated ways. Having dispersed well, you can hit the enemy so that he rolls over and fell on his head, or we stupidly drive our car into the opponent’s car and crush him with the wheels. There are unlimited options for killing, you need to select tactics for each type of transport.

For example, you cannot drive a truck with a high ramp onto the hull, you need to try to turn it over, throw it into the water, or stupidly break it. But it is not possible to turn over a machine that is too low, just crush it. For completing tasks and victories in arenas, you will receive in-game currency, which you need to buy new vehicles, cards and amplifiers. It takes a long time and is difficult to accumulate, but if you download a mod with unlimited money, then you don’t have to strain, you can focus on the gameplay.

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