enemies are always visible on the radar)

enemies are always visible on the radar)

War Machines (Mod: enemies are always visible on the radar) – Tanks for phones and tablets with dynamic and interesting gameplay.

A high-quality war game in which you have to conduct fierce battles while driving a tank. With var machines you will plunge into exciting tank battles for android, where you have to compete with real rivals or artificial intelligence. There are two main modes presented here – this is a team game or a single mission in the open world.

For successes on the battlefields, you will receive experience and game currency, the former increases your wounds and opens up new opportunities, and the money will be useful for improving cars and buying new, more imbibed models. The graphics are at an excellent level, the locations are detailed and adapted for military operations. The management behaves just as responsively, it will not be difficult to manage the equipment.

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