Farming Simulator 20 apk download v. for android (Mod: a lot of money)

Farming Simulator 20 (Mod: a lot of money) – A series of farming simulator has acquired a sequel, in which you will find new types of equipment, animals, territories to explore and of course updated graphics. The plot, in principle, remained practically unchanged, you inherited a small farm with a small amount of equipment, animals and fields for sowing with different crops.

The task in Farming Simulator 20 is to become the most successful farmer in the area and get as much profit as possible. To do this, you need to correctly distribute your resources, invest the right capital, buy new equipment, hire workers, breed animals, find new lands and sow them with cultivated plants.

To begin with, it is worth plowing the land, then planting plants on them, and when the harvest is ripe, quickly collect it. Then a part can be sold on the market and bought the necessary technologies with the money earned. Leave the rest for a new planting and for animal feed, which will provide you with raw materials. For example, milk, wool, meat, we sell them again, but we send manure to our fields for fertilization. On horseback, you will explore locations and find new fields there. In such a simple way, you can develop to the greatest heights. More than a hundred detailed transferred, real-life agricultural equipment, a new graph, a view from the cockpit and new animals will delight you for long hours of play.

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