GPS Navigator & Maps Sygic Premium apk download v.20.6.6 for android (Full)

GPS Navigator & Maps Sygic Premium apk download v.20.6.6 for android (Full)

Sygic Premium GPS Navigator & Maps – The premium version of today’s best car and pedestrian navigation app. It has everything you need, customizable smart features, detailed 3D maps of all continents and countries, the most accurate voice GPS navigation and much more. The most important thing is that the program does not need the Internet at all to work, that is, the work is completely offline, just do not forget to download maps of the desired region or country for free.

Three-dimensional maps in Sidzhik navigator for android are as accurate as possible, the route specified by the user is built taking into account the situation on the roads, and the trajectory will be laid along the shortest path. While driving, the voice assistant will announce the name of the streets, warn you about turns, exits, help you choose the right lane and prompt you when the speed limit is exceeded.

At night, thanks to the HUD technology, you can display a picture on the windshield of the car, which will increase traffic safety many times over. Forget about fines by simply customizing the speed cameras. For pedestrians, there is also a mode with detailed instructions and interesting places.

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