Granny 3 apk download v.1.0.1 for android (Mod: no ads

Granny 3 apk download v.1.0.1 for android (Mod: no ads

Granny 3 (Mod: God Mode) – The third part of an excellent horror quest of the facet, in which you have to find your way out of imprisonment again, from one mysterious mansion. As in previous versions, you wake up trapped in some kind of eerie room, your task is to quickly come to your senses and try to find your way to freedom as soon as possible.

However, as we remember, the house of Granny 3 is carefully guarded by the ghosts of grandma, grandpa, and this time also their embittered granddaughter. Your task is to survive in these terrible conditions for five days, constantly looking for a way to salvation. Before starting a mission, you can customize the game mode yourself, choose its difficulty and the enemy who will hunt you.

So the grandmother hears perfectly and if you creak somewhere or drop the couple, she will instantly rush to your soul. Grandfather does not hear practically anything, however, he has a shotgun with him, catching his eye immediately get fractions in full. But Slendrina’s granddaughter can kill with a glance, so immediately turn away from her. Explore rooms, solve puzzles, use the items you find, hide from enemies to survive.

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