Grow Empire: Rome download apk v.1.6.4 for android (Mod: a lot of money)

Grow Empire: Rome download apk v.1.6.4 for android (Mod: unlimited money)

Grow Empire: Rome (Mod: unlimited money) – An interesting strategy with excellent graphics in which genres such as tower defense and RPG are intertwined. Here you play as the commander-emperor of the Roman Republic – Julius Caesar, he needs to help capture all the best lands and cities in Europe.

To do this, form your troops consisting of mighty soldiers, powerful heroes with unique skills, savage mercenaries and ancient siege machines. In the game you will have access to more than thirty-five types of warriors, four heroes and more than a thousand improvements for buildings. Win wars, earn money and experience, and then upgrade your warriors and heroes.

Gradually unlock eighteen additional skills in Grow Empire: Rome for android, and then try to conquer about a hundred cities of ancient Europe. I liked the graphics, they are made in bright colors and an interesting cartoon style. During the battles, pleasant music sounds that will inspire you to incredible feats and victories.

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