Hoosegow: Prison Survival apk download v.1.2.16 for android (mod: no ads)

Hoosegow: Prison Survival (Mod: no ads) – A fascinating simulator of the prison and the life of prisoners there with black humor.

In this game, you will face a difficult task of survival in places of confinement. At the beginning, we will randomly select a character, a storyline, a crime for which you will serve and a term of imprisonment. Next, interesting events begin in which you will take part, and any of your actions and decisions will directly affect your destiny.

The zone has its own laws, everything can change in a moment, yesterday you were an authority, and today you are a downtrodden sucker. Your task is to prevent this, you need to behave correctly, give competent answers to questions, use objects wisely, earn authority points in order to increase your status and have trust among other prisoners. You can play the game an infinite number of times and each will be unique.

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