Horror Brawl: horror brawl battle royale download apk v.1.0.2 for android (mod: no ads)

Horror Brawl (Mod: no ads) – Battle royale with horror elements with online multiplayer mode.

An excellent shooter with real players from all over the world, in which you have to compete for the right to use a special Nazrat portal, but for this you need to remain the only survivor, skillfully destroying all opponents. By constantly developing into horror brawl stars and increasing your experience, you can unlock unique opportunities. You can even become evil, one of the characters in the past projects of the developer Keplerians, such as the Nun, Ice Cream Man or Mister Meat, and use their abilities to kill your opponents.

After getting to the location, you need to carefully explore it in order to find useful things, such as weapons, all sorts of supplies, chests, first-aid kits and equipment. Also mark useful places on the map where you can hide and conduct hidden fire. In addition, complete daily and weekly tasks, change the appearance of your heroes to be unique on the battlefield.

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