How to check your phone for wiretapping and surveillance

Did you know that your calls can be tapped and your correspondence viewed? Many knew this, but how do you know if you are being watched personally? This article is about this.



  1. About surveillance
  2. Signs of eavesdropping on your conversations
  3. We check the smartphone using the code
  4. How to remove wiretapping
  5. How to avoid eavesdropping on your conversations
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About surveillance

Wiretapping is punishable in most countries. But there are people who bypass this law and listen to conversations and read correspondence by third parties.

It can be industrial espionage, wiretapping of conversations with your loved ones through third-party services, and maybe surveillance from special services. In the latter case, the special services have all the rights to carry out such actions, but only after the trial and if such a decision will help the investigation.
You can listen to your smartphone without personal access to it, just use special programs for espionage or use additional equipment.

You can easily connect special equipment to a landline phone that will conduct surveillance. If someone has access to your device, they can forward it.

Signs of eavesdropping on your conversations

  • If you have spyware installed on your smartphone, watch the battery drain. If your phone has been in use for less than a year, changes in battery retention will be noticeable. On devices that have been in operation for a long time, it will be problematic to notice.
Battery drains quickly due to spy apps
  • If the smartphone has not been used for a long time, but its battery is warming up, this is a sign that you are being monitored.
  • Another sign of surveillance if your screen is not working correctly. It turns off / on with a delay, goes out by itself.
  • If the smartphone turns off / on itself, you need to be alert. Of course, this may indicate other problems, but the option of surveillance takes place.
  • And now a life hack: Lock your smartphone (turn off the screen), put the device next to the speakers or TV and listen … If you hear growls, but no one calls or writes to you, be sure you are listening.
  • And now let’s carry out a test using the Geyser counter. Meter crackles will indicate that your smartphone is transmitting or receiving someone else’s signal.
  • If your device has two SIM cards and you see an unknown operator, you are being tapped.
  • Listen carefully during a telephone conversation, perhaps a crackling or snarling sound will be heard, which means your device is being tapped.

We check the smartphone using the code

When you have watched the smartphone work, you need to check the device using special codes. This will help give a definitive answer, but not 100% accurate.
Here is a list of the codes you need to enter:

  1. # 21 # – Will help you find out if your calls and messages are forwarded to other numbers. The code is relevant for Apple and Android.
  2. 2. # 62 # – Shows which number the forwarding is going to. For Apples, the code # 67 # is suitable. 3. # 33 # – Shows whether blocking SMS and MMS, as well as adding numbers to the blacklist

Enter each code in order, if the first one showed that forwarding is in progress.

How to remove wiretapping

It doesn’t matter if you are sure that your device is being tapped or not, you can secure yourself and follow all the recommendations below. The tips below will help you remove device tracking. If the secret services are following you, you will not get rid of it.

  • If you find that your messages and conversations are being forwarded, this code will disable this feature. Dial these numbers ## 002 # on your smartphone.
  • You can contact your operator and talk about the problem. With the help of special equipment, they will be able to find out for sure whether there is illegal surveillance behind you.
  • Using special software is one of the most effective methods. Applications like EAGLE Security FREE, Darshak, Android IMSI-Catcher Detector or CatcherCatcher will help you track wiretapping, message forwarding. Most importantly, these utilities will protect you from connecting to fake stations. This method is relevant for modern smartphones; it is impossible to use it on older phones.

How to avoid eavesdropping on your conversations

Do not install applications from unknown sources, as well as questionable utilities. Do not give access (passwords to enter devices) to strangers and even close ones, this is personal! Do not leave your details on questionable sites.
If you want to get rid of the surveillance of special services, hackers, it is more difficult but possible to do it.

Forwarding telephone conversations and messages - to hackers

Switch to the CDMA communication standard. There are many smartphones on the market that support CDMA and GSM networks, but they cost a little more than conventional ones. But, this type of network is much more difficult to listen to and more expensive. Even if it is possible to connect to the wiretap, the result is not always successful.

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