How to delete an Instagram account or freeze temporarily

How to permanently delete your Instagram account? We’ll go over different methods for each device.


Before deleting your account, you need to remember that you will lose all your likes, comments, you will not be able to create a new page using your old nickname. Therefore, if you decide to completely delete your account and are sure you do not want to restore it, you have nothing to fear.

If you are in doubt about the decision to delete a profile, then the account can simply be disabled indefinitely.

Removal methods

The developers have hidden this function very well inside the application. This is logical, because losing your social network users is not profitable.

Let’s figure out how to delete a profile using a PC, smartphone or tablet. We will teach you how to delete an account – permanently or temporarily disable it.

Removal using a PC

  • Log in to your profile
Instagram login via pc
  • Go to the “Edit Profile” tab
  • Next – “Help”
  • After that “Account Management”
Section "Account management"
  • Further “Account deletion”
  • We select the reason for deleting the account (You can select any item, there is no difference)
  • Instagram will ask you to log into your account again to make sure that you are the real owner and this is not a hack. We do it.
  • Click on the “Delete permanently” button.

Deleting a profile using your phone or tablet

You won’t be able to delete the page through the application. There is a way out: open a browser and log in there.

  • Click on the three stripes in the upper corner
  • Next – “Settings”
  • At the bottom, open the “Help” section
  • Next, open the “Help Center”, “Account Management”, “Account Deletion”
  • The following window will open in front of you:
  • To complete the removal procedure, you do not need to specify the reason. We confirm the deletion.
Permanently delete Instagram

Now you will not be able to restore your profile

Temporary account deactivation

If you want to return your profile with all photos, likes, comments – this method is for you.

  • Log in to your account
  • “Profile editing”
  • In the new window, at the very bottom, click on the section “Temporarily deactivate account”
Temporary shutdown window for Instagram account
  • Now your profile is disabled and no one can find it in the search, your account will disappear from all friends. This feature can be used once a week.
  • After restoration, you will be displayed again with your friends. All photos and other activity on your page will be resumed.

If you are thinking of deleting your profile permanently or temporarily disabling it – think over your decision once again. Perhaps it will be enough to unsubscribe from other people, delete your photos, restrict someone’s access to your page, make your account private so that only your friends and relatives are in it. This will help you avoid deleting your account on emotions.

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