How to find out the password for an already connected Wi-Fi on Android?

In this article, you will learn how you can view the Wi-Fi password to which your smartphone has already been connected. Consider several methods for different versions of the operating system.


  1. A quick way to connect your device to Wi-Fi, no password
  2. Method for Android 10 and above
  3. Method for Android 9 and earlier
  4. Applications for viewing passwords. Is it reliable?
  5. Video clip

Fast way to connect to Wi-Fi, no password

We would like to remind you, if you just want to connect another device to your network, but you don’t remember the password for it, you can just share the QR code and the connection will be automatic. For this:

  • Enter the settings from the device that is connected to the desired Wi-Fi
  • Open the “Wi-Fi” section
  • Click on the desired network and select the “Share” section. A QR code will open in front of you.
  • On another device that needs to be connected to the network, simply scan this code and it will automatically connect to the network.

If this method does not suit you and you want to find out the password itself, use the methods below.

Method for Android 10 and above

If you have Android version 10 or higher, you’re in luck. You can find out the password for any network to which you have already connected – right in the settings.

ROOT rights are not required.

  • Opening the settings
  • We go to the “Wi-Fi” section, on some devices this menu is hidden in the “Network and Internet” section
Section "Network and Internet" in settings.
  • In the window that opens, scroll through the list of available networks to the very bottom and go to the “Saved networks” section (Partition names on different devices are different, but the essence is the same)
  • Choosing the right network
Selecting a Saved Wi-Fi Network
  • Further “Share”. After that, several authentication options will be offered (through face scanning, fingerprint and PIN-code scanning). Choose any.
  • Now the QR code itself will open in front of you and the network password will be indicated under it.

Method for Android 9 and earlier

To find out the password, you need to install ROOT rights. How to get them, we have described here.

Then, download the application for displaying passwords from saved networks. We recommend WIFI Password Viewer от SimoneDev. This is the only application that has shown correct operation and is completely safe.

WIFI Password Viewer application from SimoneDev

You can download the utility from the Play Market.

  • At the first start, the utility will ask you for access to ROOT rights. We agree with all the conditions.
  • A list with all saved networks will open in front of you, and a password for each network will be indicated next to it.
  • If you’ve connected to a large number of networks, use search to speed up the search for the Wi-Fi you want.
  • In the application, you can easily share the desired password with another user. The password can be copied and sent by any application you use. You can use the “Share” button, which will send all the data from the network to the right user. And of course, you can just scan the QR code and connect to the network.
Function "Share this" password with other users

If this method does not work for you, you can use a more difficult method.

It requires a PC.

To start:

  • Rooting your smartphone
  • Let’s go to the settings. We open the section “About the phone”.
  • Next, click 7 times on “Build number” to become a developer and unlock hidden features.
  • A new section “For Developers” will appear in the settings. We open it and look for “USB Debugging” there.
  • On the PC you need to install ADB drivers… This will help your smartphone and PC communicate with each other. Your USB cable should support data transfer, not just charging.
  • Install on PC Minimal ADB и Fastboot Tool.
  • We connect our phone to the computer via the cord
  • We open the two applications that we downloaded above.
  • You will be presented with a command prompt, do not be alarmed.
  • Copy this command:
     adb pull /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf 

    and press “Enter”

  • This command copies the wpa_supplicant.conf file to your computer in the same folder where Minimal ADB and Fastboot are installed. Through the conductor we go to this place.
  • We open this file through notepad and we will receive the password from the network.

Applications for viewing passwords. Is it reliable?

There are a lot of applications in the app store that “help” to cope with our request, BUT, can you trust them? We found only one application, which we wrote about above, it does its job. The rest of the apps look fake, and the good reviews underneath don’t look real.

Therefore, do not use third-party applications, as they may use your data for their own purposes. Do you need it?

Video clip

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