Human: Fall Flat apk download v.1.7 for android (Full version

Human: Fall Flat apk download v.1.7 for android (Full version

Human: Fall Flat (Full | Built-in Cache) – A fun puzzle platformer based on the laws of physics. Here you have to control a little man who has big problems with the coordination of movement, but the instinct of survival is very developed. He is able to literally find a solution from any trap, get out of the most incredible situations and places filled with puzzles, and he needs help with this.

Each level in the game Human: Fall Flat for android is a location from which you need to find a way out by solving all the riddles, all of them are quite difficult, but very funny. Explore the levels carefully, be creative with the solution, find secrets and come up with new unique solutions each time, since each level can be completed in several original ways.

The main character can jump, climb on any objects, move all sorts of objects, but he cannot walk smoothly, and this is the first task with which to cope – to master his movements. And then there will be no end to the fun and adventure. But if, nevertheless, one is bored, then invite friends to the game and play together in multiplayer, solving tasks together or simply making fun of each other.

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