Hungry Shark World apk download v.4.4.2 for android (Mod: a lot of money)

Hungry Shark World (Mod: a lot of money) – Arcade with an open world where you have to arrange an all-consuming madness exploring the waters of the oceans. You play as a bloodthirsty shark and since this fish is huge in size, it eats a decent portion a day. So you need to swim in the seas and oceans, find various food there, such as fish, birds and even gape of people, and along the way to complete tasks.

As a rule, missions boil down to setting a record, finding and devouring a huge victim, or destroying a mighty boss. Many aquatic inhabitants are completely harmless to our heroine, but there are those that will send her to the next world in a couple of bites, so act carefully. If you need to increase shabby health, find your allies, such as whales or small sharks, they will restore your strength.

Earn in-game currency, level up and equip the heroine with new, very powerful devices to bite with more force, swim faster and become more aggressive when she is hungry. Also, finances will come in handy to purchase new sharks with a larger size and improved characteristics.

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