Hunter Assassin apk download v.1.43.1 for android (Mod: a lot of money

Hunter Assassin apk download v.1.43.1 for android (Mod: unlimited money

Hunter Assassin (Mod: Unlimited Money | Characters Unlocked) – Excellent stealth action game with simple mechanics and controls, but addictive and very interesting gameplay. Here you play the role of a dexterous assassin who must carefully sneak up to his victims and deliver crushing blows to them. Show your agility and waiting instinct to complete the tasks.

The gameplay of Hunter Assassin is divided into numerous levels and in each you need to kill a certain number of armed terrorists. Your task is to make your way as quietly as possible through obstacles and attack the target from behind. The enemy has a certain sector of view, if you get into it, then a firefight will begin from which you are unlikely to get out alive. Gradually, the maps will become more twisted, and the number of enemies will increase.

For completing missions, you will receive game currency in the form of diamonds, they are needed to unlock new, unique heroes. They differ in appearance and have different health and movement speeds. The controls are insanely simple, when the opponent turns away, just tap on him and our killer rushes what is spirit to him and inflicts damage.

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