Into the Dead 2 apk download v.1.47.1 for android (Mod: a lot of money + VIP)

Into the Dead 2 apk download v.1.47.1 for android (Mod: unlimited money + VIP)

Into the Dead 2 (Mod: unlimited money) – The first part of this runner really liked many players from all over the world, all thanks to the interesting gameplay, which consists in endless running and dodging zombies. But just running from mutants would be very simple and unrealistically boring, that’s why the developers added even more weapons to the game than in the previous version of the game, which are to be applied to those zombies that could not be avoided.

In general, the gameplay has remained the same, in front of us there is a very dark location where zombies attack from all sides, the character runs automatically, and you help him run between the mutants. You need to dodge with the help of taps in different directions, if you see a target in front of you, then use your weapon, for this just click in the center of the screen.

Of the significant innovations, one can single out the presence of a full-fledged plot, and it is quite interesting and does not proceed statically, that is, you can influence events due to which the ending of the game will also change. Moreover, the plot will allow us not only to run, but also to ride cars and even fire from their roofs. In each race, you will also have to complete tasks, there are quite a large number of them and they are all diverse, and they will take place over seven rather difficult chapters.

The graphic part of the game has also received improvements, the picture has become clearer, the zombies have received an even higher-quality drawing, when shots are colorfully scattered, blood, in general, is an action in one word. If you have already played the first part Zombies in the Fog (Into the Dead), then I recommend to play and continue, the game will definitely not disappoint you, because a beautiful picture, zombies and cool shots cannot but please.

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