Jetpack Joyride apk download v.1.46.1 for android (Mod: a lot of money)

Jetpack Joyride apk download v.1.46.1 for android (Mod: unlimited money)

Jetpack Joyride (Mod: unlimited money) – A dynamic runner in which we will play for a gallant special agent named Barry, he must at all costs break into a secret laboratory and destroy samples of jetpacks created there. So, we burst into the territory and begin to distribute pills to everyone who catches our eye, using various vehicles and huge mechanisms.

However, the main weapon we have is a combat jetpack, which our hero carries on his shoulders. By default, the character runs on the ground on his own, but as soon as you touch the screen with your finger, the knapsack is activated, he lifts the guy into the air and starts shooting at the enemies. In such a simple way, you need to constantly switch between flying and running, flying around obstacles on the way.

Your task is to stay alive as long as possible, collecting coins and earning points to the maximum. Spend the funds you receive on various improvements, such as increasing your running speed or flying speed. During the race, you will encounter bonuses, they not only diversify the gameplay, but significantly simplify the passage of missions.

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