Learn languages ​​with audiobooks download apk v.2.614 for android (Full)

Learn languages ​​with audiobooks download apk v.2.614 for android (Full)

Beelinguapp Premium – A unique application for android that will help you learn foreign languages ​​while listening and reading the text in parallel. This approach is great for learning, you will be listening to words and sentences and reading them at the same time. Learn English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, French, Turkish, Arabic, Italian and Japanese.

First, you need to select the source language that we want to study and the one in which you already speak, then activate the desired genres of books and the level of proficiency in the target language. After that, a page with a choice of literature will open, click what you like and proceed. A professional announcer will speak the words out loud, the original text will be on the left, and the translation on the right. It will be highlighted as it plays, and you just need to follow the reader.

There are a huge number of books for all tastes and preferences, everyone will find something to their liking. Taking a course using this technology, for a few minutes a day, you yourself will not notice how you begin to understand everything. Today it is the most innovative, interesting and advanced technology for language learning on Android devices.

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