MARVEL Contest of Champions apk download v.32.3.0 for android (Mod: unlimited skills

MARVEL Contest of Champions (Mod: Unlimited Skills | Freeze Enemies) – High-quality and very beautiful fighting game for mobile devices, where the main characters are heroes from the Marvel universe. Collect your own team of your favorite superheroes and fight back the equally familiar supervillains.

Win battles, earn experience and in-game currency, and then improve the abilities of your team, making it invincible. All the superstars presented have their own unique abilities, someone is big and deals huge damage, but very slow, the second can attack from a distance, and so on. In addition, there are special bonuses that help great in battles.

The graphics are simply feast for the eyes, the characters are drawn identically as in the comics, during the battles there is excellent animation and simply irresistible special effects. Play MARVEL: Contest of Champions on Android with your friends and acquaintances, create alliances and advance along the story together, completing various tasks and receiving valuable bonuses. And when you’re ready, take on other unions of players from around the world.

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