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Minecraft (Mod Menu) – Having launched Minecraft on android, the player finds himself in a 3D world, which consists entirely of cubes. He can change it, creating various structures from cubes. There are no clear goals, but you can easily find something to do in the game: a complete exploration of the world, the creation of buildings and objects, and battles with monsters.

When the game starts, a new world is procedurally generated. It is divided into areas – biomes, each of which includes a special set of objects. Your hero can appear in a wooded, mountainous or desert area. Breaking cubes, the character collects certain materials. They can be used to create new blocks.

Day and night replace each other, while the duration of the game day is 20 minutes of real time. In the daytime, you need to build buildings, collect materials. You can hunt pigs, sheep, get food. At night, spiders, dead people, skeletons, and other hostile creatures are activated.

One of the main activities is the manufacture of various items, craft. In most situations, this requires special objects (workbench, iron smelting furnace). It is possible to make armor that reduces damage from attacks of enemies, weapons. Axes, shovels are useful for obtaining wood, stone, digging earth. There are 3 game modes available: “survival”, “hardcore”, “creativity”. In the first, you need to look for special things and blocks to save life. In the second, the hero has only 1 life. Therefore, when he dies, you have to start all over again. In the third, all available blocks and objects are unlimitedly available, do whatever your heart desires.

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