Moon + Reader Pro download apk v.6.8 build 608000 for android (Full)

Moon + Reader Pro download apk v.6.8 build 608000 for android (Full)

A simply necessary program that is useful to everyone who likes to read books on android, with its help the reading process will be easy and simple and you will never forget where you left off and what you have read recently. This application stands out among others, and all thanks to the incredible functionality, user-friendly interface and rich settings. And you can customize almost anything, such as font size and type, spaces between words, options and animation of page turning, transparency, brightness and much more.

In addition, Moon + Reader Pro for android will take care of your eyes, the program will periodically remind you of long reading and that you need to take a break, and at night, so as not to irritate your eyes, you can activate the night mode. Working with the application is very comfortable, all you need to do is download the books you need in FB2, TXT, HTML, EPUB, PDF or ZIP format and upload them to the memory of your device along the Books-MoonReader path.

Next, we launch the application and in a moment we will see the previously downloaded books on very convenient shelves, just like in a library. Everyone now just press what we want to read and start enjoying. If you are tired, then simply exit the program, and it will automatically save the reading progress and the next time you start you can continue reading from the point of stopping. Favorite works can be added to favorites and they will be conveniently displayed on the main screen of this reader.

Also an incredibly convenient function is auto scrolling, that is, you don’t even need to flip through the pages with your hands, everything will happen in automatic mode, although it takes a little time for the function to adjust to the speed of your reading. For convenience, there are detailed statistics, where you can clearly see how many books you read, how much time you spent on it, where you stopped, and so on.

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