NetGuard Premium apk download v.2.296 for android (Full)

NetGuard Premium apk download v.2.296 for android (Full)

NetGuard Premium – A powerful firewall for the android system with which you can selectively deny applications access to the Internet, both system and third-party. Such a function is useful primarily for protecting personal data and in order to save traffic, it is very important for the mobile Internet. In this case, you do not even need root righthence everything works on any smartphone or tablet.

Recently, the NetGuard program for Android has learned to correctly block ads, this is achieved by filtering data. However, not many users were able to figure out how to enable this useful thing. So, the blocker is available only in the premium version, and the one that is located for free on google play does not have such an opportunity due to the store’s policy.

To disable all banners, you need to download and run the utility, without turning on the firewall, go to the settings. There you will see the “Traffic Filter” option, activate it by pressing the toggle switch. Now find the item “Download hosts file”. We tap on it and wait until the data is automatically loaded. We return to the main screen, turn on the VPN and enjoy surfing the network without annoying ads.

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