Nightmare Gate: Horror Show in Hell download apk v.1.0.5 for android (mod: no ads)

Nightmare Gate: Horror Show in Hell (Mod: No Ads) – A brand new scary horror quest for android devices, where the player has to go through a real nightmare, trying to help a boy named Will escape from hellish nightmares in his sleep. During the passage you will have a choice – to get out on your own or to help your sister, or maybe all together?

The plot of the game will tell you just the scariest story of a teenager who in his dream was kidnapped by demons and placed in hell. Now he goes through different stages of horror, completely alone. Your task is to help the hero overcome his fears and try to get out of this incredible adventure, along the way to save his little sister.

The gameplay is standard for this genre, you will wander, as it were, in your dream in your house, but only reality will be distorted, and terrible demons will wander around every corner, wanting your destruction. Explore locations as quietly as possible, find objects, solve puzzles and try not to catch the eye of enemies. Hide to survive and escape from hell.

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