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Are you planning to update the interior of your kitchen, but do not know how to correctly translate your desires into sketches in order to compare different options? It takes a long time to draw each of the options on paper and not everyone has drawing talents, which is time consuming. There is an exit! Online kitchen constructors for Android. They will be discussed in this article. Let’s consider the best ones.

Online kitchen builders for Android


  1. Homify
  2. Houzz
  3. iCanDesign Room PLanner
  4. IKEA Place and IKEA Store
  5. Magicplan
  6. Pinterest
  7. Plans 5D
  8. You Tube
  9. Online shopping outlets
  10. Brick and mortar home improvement stores
  11. Home Design 3D
  12. My Kitchen: 3D Planner (Early Access)
  13. Video review of the application «Room Planner от IKEA»


Homify app on Android

Free constructor for Android devices. Here you can be inspired by the ideas of various designs, and not create your entire interior. application contains a library with 1.5 million photos of kitchen and home spaces. Not every utility on this topic boasts such a generous library.

Idea photos can be saved to your device or to the Favorites section for quick access. In addition to viewing various ideas, you can get free recommendations on the design of a wake-up kitchen or find the right specialists in your city who can implement your ideas.

Donat in the application – no.


Free utilitywhich contains 2 functions: It is a shopping tool and a storehouse of many ideas for your kitchen. The application library contains 15 million photos. And the store contains 9 million different products for your interior. Accordingly, you can get inspired, come up with your own design and purchase the necessary material in the application.

But, the program has a convenient “My room” function. You create your room and place the necessary furniture in it, so you can understand if everything will fit in the kitchen. Convenient because you don’t have to manually measure everything and draw entire diagrams, Houzz will save you a lot of time.

iCanDesign Room PLanner

The scheduler contains several tariffs.

  • Free period
  • $ 14.99 per month
  • $ 74.99 per month
  • $ 149.99 per month.

But the functionality of iCanDesign Room PLanner is amazing. You will be able to create 2D and 3D rooms. In the future kitchen, you will be able to place design elements, furniture and implement your ideas in a virtual room in order to understand which solution will be the best.

The app contains an assortment of IKEA products, so you can add them to your design room, and in the future, purchase all these things directly from the IKEA catalog. Thanks to this utility, you can calculate the exact dimensions of the kitchen and make a high-quality layout.

The application works on IOS, PC. If you are on a tight budget, then this app will be a little expensive for you.

IKEA Place and IKEA Store

Free utility with augmented reality. You don’t have to create a room, you use your smartphone’s camera and arrange objects in your room. Additionally, you can buy viewed interior items right inside the program.


There are two tariffs.

  • Free demo version
  • Paid version for $ 199.99

Utility provides the ability to 3D visualize your room. Virtual rooms can be customized with furniture and other design elements. The dimensions of the room and objects in the application are real, this will help you see how your room will look in reality. Rooms that have many corners are a little more complicated and the app gets harder to use. The program is designed for flexible interior planning, so it can also be suitable for the work of interior designers.


Kitchen design ideas in the Pinterest app

World-famous social network. Pinterest does not specifically specialize in kitchen design, however, millions of ideas can be found here for inspiration. In addition to ideas, you can find interesting tips, life hacks and expert opinion in this area. The social network is free, but has ads.

You can save ideas you like to favorites and create mood boards.

Planner 5D

There are 3 tariffs:

  • Free tariff
  • 3 $ per month
  • 30 $ per month

it attachment one of the most popular and comfortable of its kind. You can design not only kitchen designs, but entire houses as well.

The principle of operation is standard. Create a room and fill it. The room can be viewed in 2D and 3D space. But, there is one more trick, you can view the room in virtual reality glasses with the support of Google Cardboard. With different rates, you can add different interior elements to your room. You can buy the individual items that you need.

You Tube

The most famous site listed in this article. The video network provides a free plan and a premium plan. The free version is enough with your head, there are no restrictions in it, except for the intrusive ads in the videos. You can live with it. Nobody forbids downloading the hacked You Tube and don’t pay for a subscription. In the application you can find a lot of information, recommendations, advice, guides for installing furniture ideas for implementation with instructions for their implementation.

A place where you can buy furniture, design elements and more. Prices may be lower than Amazon, Ebay. In addition, there is also a function of online room design and layout creation. The app is free.

Brick and mortar home improvement stores

The shops with a variety of products for your home, where you have everything you need to renovate. These stores have their own applications in which you can track the availability of goods, place an order and use the online design functions according to the real dimensions of your kitchen.

Home Design 3D

Designing rooms in the Home Design 3D app on Android

One of the best applications, which is easy to use and contains useful functions. With a few clicks, you can already become an interior designer and start creating the kitchen or other room of your dreams. The free version has room restrictions, when the limit is exhausted, you can purchase the full version and remove the restrictions.

You can export the finished interior design and layout to social networks or send your work by mail. A useful application for novice designers and ordinary people who have started renovations.

My Kitchen: 3D Planner (Early Access)

Simple attachment, which does not require special skills. The utility has two versions: paid and free.

In the free version, you can design your kitchen and fill it with furniture. The finished project can be saved and edited over time or imported into an image to share your idea with the outside world.

You can create a kitchen in exact dimensions by changing the design of the facade and handles.

In the full version, you can change the colors of items + an additional trial period is included as a gift.

The application is very simple, so ordinary people without design skills use it to imagine their future kitchen in real time.

Video clip

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