PictureThis Gold v.3.5 download apk on android (Full version)

PictureThis Gold v.3.5 download apk on android (Full version)

PictureThis Gold – Useful app for all curious people, and those who love plants. With it, you can in a few seconds to recognize the unknown you flowers, shrubs or trees. All you have to do – is to take a picture of the object on your smartphone through this application, and in a moment you will get the name and useful information.

The program is capable of identifying more than ten thousand different plant species with an accuracy of ninety-eight percent. All this is carried out on the basis of advanced developments and experts in the field of floriculture. In addition to the name of the plant, you will receive its diverse photographs and all kinds of literature, where you can read and learn everything useful.

In Gold or Premium versions are available advice from the leading experts in horticulture and agriculture, therefore, you will learn how to care for the flower than the water it and stuff like that. All plants recognized by you will be stored in your personal collections and you will always have access to them. In addition there are a variety of tools, such as reminders about watering, disease diagnosis, and so on.

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