Plants vs. Plants vs. Zombies 3 apk download v.1.0.15 for android (mod: free shopping)

Plants vs. Zombies 3 (Mod: Free Shopping) – The third part of a popular strategy game with familiar game mechanics from previous versions, but with various improvements, improvements and novelties. So the graphics became noticeably better, added new types of plants, enemies and bosses. Your units now have unique skills and combat skills, therefore, you can think over new options for strategies.

According to the plot, a certain doctor Zomboss attacked the city, using his zombified army, he was given to capture all the streets, except for the one where our main character lives. Now you have to repel the attacks of his army in order to stay alive and try to return your territories. To do this, you will have to smash your head, apply different tactics at different levels and constantly improve your combat plants.

Enemies in Plants vs. There are a lot of zombies 3 for android. All of them are unique in their characteristics and their attacks, you need to find your own approach to each species, so experiment. After all, one plant can be effective against one type of enemy, and not act on others. Also think over which plants will go to attack, which ones to level up, and who to improve strength and skills.

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