PLAYit Vip download apk v. for android (Full version)

PLAYit Vip download apk v. for android (Full version)

PLAYit Vip – Multifunctional HD-video player for smartphones and tablets android, which can play all existing formats in high 4k and FullHD quality. In addition, you can easily watch streaming videos by simply providing a link, for example from YouTube, as well as listening to your own music. Using its powerful engine, playback is smooth and without brakes.

Thanks to the mod in which the VIP status is received, the user can download any video files to his device. PLAYit can download for android gadget videos from social networks, for example from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, as well as full-length films from various Internet resources. Just select what you want and click the “Download” button.

With just one click, you can easily separate the music from the video, just go to the menu and select the appropriate function. The program has a lot of possibilities, there is a change of themes, a floating window and background playback, a sleep timer and much more. The interface is in English, but it’s not difficult to figure it out, everything is intuitive.

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