Quick Video Recorder Pro apk download v. for android (Full)

Quick Video Recorder Pro apk download v. for android (Full)

Quick Video Recorder – Background Video Recorder Pro – The application works like a spy camera, that is, it takes a hidden video in the background, while it does not emit extraneous sounds, such as a camera shutter. Continuous recording is carried out in several customizable modes, for example, only when the smartphone display is off, according to the schedule you set, or after clicking on the widget.

In the settings of the Background Video Recorder Pro program for Android, you can specify the recording quality, turn the sound on or off, set the maximum shooting time, select the format for saving the video, and so on. This utility really has a lot of functions, by playing with the options you can achieve ideal quality and minimal file size.

Of the features, we can highlight the ability to work at night, video cropping after recording, automatic adjustment of brightness and white balance, support for both the main and selfie cameras. The design of the utility is quite friendly, all the necessary buttons and functions are in their places and are immediately available for use. If you are interested in security, then set a password and then no one can turn off the recording and view the footage.

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