Raft in the Ocean: Survival on Raft apk download v.255 for android (mod: developer menu open)

Survival on Raft: Survival on Raft (Mod: Developer menu open) – Raft in the Ocean is a rather interesting simulator where you have to survive in the ocean, sailing on a makeshift raft. After the plane crash, only you remained alive, waking up to find that there is only an endless sea around, a baking sun and hungry sharks spinning around.

Your main task is to hold out as long as possible in such harsh conditions, for this you need to rebuild and gradually improve your boat and extract useful resources. Build yourself a shelter from the debris caught from the water, collect algae, fish and do everything in your power not to die.

Since we are under the baking sun, your hero will be tormented by thirst, and his health level will gradually decrease, just as hunger and angry fish will be dangerous. Keep track of all these indicators, complete quests, explore small islands, craft the right things. In addition, there is a game mode with friends and the ability to simply build the raft of your dreams without having to survive.

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