Relax Melodies Premium apk download v.11.15 for android (Full)

Relax Melodies Premium apk download v.11.15 for android (Full)

A stunning application that will help you relax after a hard day, as well as allow you to relax and fall asleep with pleasant sounds. Anyone can beat insomnia and sleep well, just install the Relax Melodies Premium: Sleep Sounds app on your android, close your eyes and listen.

The principle of operation of this miracle application is simple, it contains more than hundreds of different relaxing sounds, such as the sound of rain, singing of whales, crackling fire, blowing wind, etc., which you can combine with each other, thus creating your own composition. Such a melody will create a unique atmosphere and a person will be able to relax and improve their overall well-being.

And you can create several hundred such melodies, and then add them to your favorites, where they will always be at hand. In addition, do not be too lazy to look into the program settings, there are many useful functions, for example, you can set the same time when you need to go to bed, activate a timer to automatically turn off sounds, and so on.

Well, it won’t be difficult to figure out the interface of the program, each sound is placed in a separate tile, you just have to listen to the sounds and select the tiles you need so that the melody will play, and then save it. In general, the application is very worthy, and most importantly, it is necessary and useful for health.

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