Romance Club – My Stories apk download v.1.0.9011 for Android (No Ads | Menu Mod

Romance Club – My Stories (No Ads | Menu Mod | Free Picks) – An interesting quest simulator built on small romantic stories, in which you can take part as one of the main characters, and by your actions influence the development of the storyline. Each story is unique and twisted, constantly keeping you on your toes.

Here you can plunge into the virtual world of love and romance, choose how your hero will look and go together to arrange your life. Your choice will affect the essence of what is happening, only you have the right to decide who to fall in love with and whether to go on a date with him, with whom to be friends, and with whom to fight, sorting out personal relationships. Almost everything is the same as in real life.

Numerous interactive novels presented in the game have different genres, there is love, somewhere adventure, mysticism, drama and so on. At the moment, thirteen incredibly beautifully drawn and addictive stories are available. With each update, new ones are added, so you definitely won’t be bored.

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