SAMP (GTA SAMP) download apk v.8.7 for android (Full version)

SAMP (GTA SAMP) download apk v.8.7 for android (Full version)

Grand Theft Auto: SAMP – A mobile version of the famous GTA game with the SAMP prefix, which means that we have good old San Andreas in front of us, which has received a multiplayer mode. Now all fans of the game can enjoy the familiar gameplay, but online, playing with their friends or other players from all over the world. Now it will be much more fun to play, because real people are much more interesting than stupid bots.

Download gta sump for android and enjoy free online gameplay as a police officer, an ordinary passer-by, a businessman, a bandit or an agent of special services. Before you is still the same huge open game world, where you will be free to do whatever your heart desires. Destroy everything in your path, steal cars and arrange unrealistic chases on them, as well as complete tasks to upgrade your character.

Create your own factions with real gamers, chat and try to get from the bottom to the top of glory, defeating other clans. The graphics are not of the best quality yet, the developers are still tweaking it, constantly making adjustments, but you can already play the legendary action quite comfortably. You can install it manually by downloading the apk and the cache to it and placing it in the root of the device’s internal memory, or you can simply use a special launcher, where the installation will take place automatically.

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