SD Maid Pro- system cleaning apk download v.5.1.5 for android (Full version)

SD Maid Pro- system cleaning apk download v.5.1.5 for android (Full version)

The full version of the popular program that will keep your Android mobile device clean and tidy. SD Maid Pro for Android uses special algorithms to remove garbage from the internal memory of the device, as well as from a flash card. As we all know, no one in the world is perfect, nor is the android operating system perfect.

Every time you remove unnecessary programs or games from your device, so-called tails remain after them, for example, report logs, temporary system files, empty folders and everything like that. The whole thing is constantly accumulating in memory and occupies a rather impressive place on it, and if you do not clean it, then the phone or tablet starts to lag and dull. To prevent this from happening, this wonderful utility was developed.

The best thing about it is that the user does not need to have any special knowledge to clear everything, this program will do everything for you in automatic mode. All you have to do is periodically run it manually, or put this action in the schedule and the scrubber will take place at a specified time in automatic mode. In addition to removing unnecessary files and folders, SD Maid Pro can clean the cache, optimize the operation of databases, search for and remove duplicate photos, music or documents.

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